We provide consultancy, advice, training and litigation in the legal-administrative and constitutional fields to individuals and public administrations:


  • Processes in Administrative Seat.
  • Ordinary and extraordinary resources in administrative headquarters.
  • Public Employment.
  • Representation and defense of public officials subject to disciplinary or administrative sanctioning processes.
  • Administrative Hiring.
  • Public and private tenders.
  • Municipal Affairs.
  • Concessions and Expropriation.
  • Processes for Violation of Consumer Rights, and compensation for damages.


We provide consultancy, advice and litigation regarding:

  • Legal representation of individuals and legal entities that must sue the State for the collection of damages, resulting from actions of the Administration contrary to law and legality.
  • Technical representation is assumed in any of the phases of the process (precautionary measures, preliminary hearing, trial and challenge stage).
  • Responses to be made to claims by the State against individuals and legal entities.
  • Representation and defense of public officials subject to disciplinary or sanctioning processes.
  • Processes for the violation of consumer rights, and compensation for damages.
  • Processes for Subjective and Objective Civil Responsibility.
  • Appeals, Cassation and Review.
  • Processes of Execution of Judgment.

The new Contentious jurisdiction arises not only as a true controller of the legality of administrative conduct, but also as a natural defender of the citizen in the face of subjective administrative situations; in other words, the administered person is protected against the abuses of power by the administration.  


Consulting, advising, and filing before the Sala Constitucional of the Supreme Court of Justice:

  • Appeals for legal protection.
  • Habeas Data appeals.
  • Habeas Corpus appeals.
  • Actions of Unconstitutionality.

It is guaranteed that the absolute respect of the rights of every person will be watched over to the Habeas Corpus Resource to guarantee their personal freedom and integrity, to the Habeas Data Resource as a way of protecting the person from the treatment of their personal data, to the Protection Resource to maintain or restore the enjoyment of the other consecrated rights.