We provide consultancy and advice in the strategic planning of your company (business and corporate management), in order to ensure that it complies with regulations and obtains the best performance:

  • Diagnostics in compliance with Labor, Commercial, Civil and Criminal Regulations..
  • Constitution of Companies and Corporations (Mergers and Acquisitions).
  • Registration of Commercial Names and Trademarks (Intellectual Property).
  • Drafting of Contracts, whether Civil, Commercial or Labor, among others Outsourcing, Professional Services.
  • Subjective and objective civil liability proceedings.
  • Alternative Resolution of Labor-Management Conflicts.
  • Elaboration of Internal Work Regulations.
  • Legal Training of Company Personnel.
  • Accompaniment to Board of Directors Meetings.
  • Technical and Legal Reports.
  • Judicial Collections.

Corporate Criminal Law:

  • Legal assistance is provided to companies to diagnose the criminal nature of harmful conduct carried out against them, by their own directors, employees or by third parties, as well as by representatives and employees of other companies with which they are related.
  • Crimes against property are prevented, such as fraud, fraudulent administration, extortion, fraud; computer crimes, crimes against privacy (disclosure of business secrets); data protection, embezzlement, bribery; crimes against honor (defamation of a legal person), drug trafficking, organized crime.

Real estate:

We provide consultancy and advice in the planning and transaction of Real Estate, namely:

  1. Study and Report of Property Title.
  2. Creation of the Legal Structure.
  3. Signing of the Purchase and Sale Contract.
  4. Closing and Registration of Sale (Transfer Deed or Endorsement of Shares).
  5. Annual Property Taxes.

The only way to protect a successful Business Management is to have an adequate projection of the Company at a Legal and Financial level, as well as to protect its name and/or trademark that will allow it to reserve the exclusive rights of commercial use in a specific territory.