Consulting, advice, and specialized litigation is provided to individuals and legal entities, whether they are offended and/or victims of a criminal act; as well as to individuals accused of committing a crime:

Complaint, lawsuit and civil compensation action:

  • Representation of the offended persons and victims of a crime.
  • Denunciation and Complaint (private accusation) for criminal acts is filed.
  • A Civil Resarcitoria Action is filed for the compensation and collection of damages.
  • The Complaint is filed for crimes against honor and private actions (insults, defamation, slander, defamation of a legal entity, etc.)

Criminal defenses:

  • The Technical Defense of the person accused of committing a crime is exercised.
  • The Technical Defense is assumed in any of the stages of the criminal process (investigation, intermediary, trial, and impugnation).

Civil Defense:

  • Technical Defence of the individual or legal entity which is the object of a civil lawsuit in a criminal proceeding.


Advice is given and appeals are made in writing and orally:

  • Appeals of Protective Measures (especially Preventive Prison).
  • Appeals of Sentencing (acquittal or conviction).
  • Appeals to the Third Chamber or Criminal Chamber.
  • Appeals in Sentencing Review Procedures. 

Corporate Criminal Law:

  • Legal assistance is provided to companies to diagnose the criminal nature of harmful conduct carried out against them, by their own directors, employees or by third parties, as well as by representatives and employees of other companies with which they are related.
  • Crimes against property are prevented,such as fraud, fraudulent administration, extortion, fraud; computer crimes, crimes against privacy (disclosure of business secrets); data protection, embezzlement, bribery; crimes against honor (defamation of a legal person), drug trafficking, organized crime.

Contraventional and Transit Crimes:

  • Judicial and Extrajudicial Arrangements.
  • Litigation specialized in Contraventional and Transit Trials.
  • Execution of Sentence, for the compensation and collection of damages.