We provide consulting, advice, and litigation in:

  • Divorce processes.
  • Judicial Separations.
  • Alimony Processes.
  • Family Interrelationship Regimes.
  • Protection of Children and Adolescents.
  • Division of Advance Property.
  • Marriages and Marriage Settlements.
  • Processes of Recognition of Common Law.
  • Processes of Paternity, Filiation, Custody, Adoption.
  • Processes of Violence against the Elderly.
  • Measures of Protection through the Law of Domestic Violence (also Law of Criminalization of Violence Against Women).

Family Law represents one of the most serious and complex areas of law, due to its implications and actors. Therefore, family conflicts require skilled and specialized professionals, as well as an approach and teamwork, in a comprehensive and multidisciplinary manner that allows to rethink the ius familiae institutes.

Therefore, we have strategic alliances that allow us to hire professional psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, researchers, among others who help in the family process, allowing legal, emotional and spiritual security.