Doctorate Degree, Colegio Profesional de Psicólogos Costa Rica. Post-Graduate Degree in Forensic Criminal Psychology, Legal Medicine School of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid Post-Graduate Degree in Clinical Psychology, Psychology School and Psychotechnology, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Outstanding Degree Thesis Cum Laude. Specialization in Graphology, Personnel Selection, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Degree in Psychology from the University of Costa Rica.

In his extensive work experience, he has served as Supervising Psychologist, Medical Services, General Directorate of Social Adaptation, Ministry of the Interior; Clinical-Forensic Psychologist, Department of Legal Medicine, Supreme Court of Justice, Costa Rica; Advisor and Consultant in Clinical and Labor Psychology, Advisor in Clinical and Criminological Psychology, Directorate of Intelligence and Security, Ministry of the Presidency, Costa Rica. He currently serves as Advisor, Technical Consultant and Expert in Clinical and Forensic Psychology.

University Professor and Speaker in different Congresses and Seminars, both nationally and internationally. He has made different publications among which are Special Treatment Clinic; Education Psychology, Child Development and Criminological Psychology; Forensic Psychology (Judicial-Legal): Its Origins, Configuration, Functions, Methods and Purpose; Psychological Considerations on the Value of Testimony; Suicidal Behavior: A Clinical-Forensic Psychological approach; “Approach of offended persons in situations of domestic violence, sexual abuse and minors involved in family processes”, UNICEF- Judicial School; Sexual abuse, domestic violence and family processes (Approach Manual); Dictionary of Forensic Psychology (main syndromes and disorders); Psychology applied to Sports.