We provide consultancy, advice, and prepare public deeds with the respective procedures and registry studies:

  • Constitution of Companies and Corporations (Mergers and Acquisitions).
  • Constitution of Corporations and Limited Liability Companies.
  • Constitution of Foundations (non profit) and NGO’s.
  • Constitution of Associations, and Sports Associations.
  • Constitution of Sports Corporations.
  • Constitution and Cancellation of Mortgages and Pledges.
  • Transfer of Real Estate (Properties).
  • Authentication of Signatures and Fingerprints.
  • Registration and Transfer of Vehicles.
  • Succession process in Notary’s office.
  • Proceedings (Errors in the Civil Registry).
  • Notarial Certifications.
  • Civil Marriages.
  • Notarial Records.
  • Wills.
  • Powers of Attorney.
  • Others.

We provide the Registry Alert service for your properties, real estate, vehicles, even if they belong to a company. Any movement in your properties will be known immediately, thanks to the Registry Alert.

The Notary Public’s Office is the public function exercised privately, in which the authorized official advises people on the correct legal formation of their will in legal acts or contracts and attests to the existence of the facts that occur before him.