Criminal Law

Consulting, advice, and specialized litigation is provided to individuals and legal entities, whether they are offended and/or victims of a criminal act; as well as to individuals accused of committing a crime.

Corporate Business Law

We provide consultancy and advice in the strategic planning of your company (business and corporate management), in order to ensure that it complies with regulations and obtains the best performance.

Family Law

Consultancy, advice, and litigation are provided in Divorce Proceedings, Family Interrelation Regimes, Paternity Proceedings, Adoption. Protection Measures through the Domestic Violence Law.

Administrative – Litigation – Constitutional

We provide consultancy, advice, training and litigation in the legal-administrative and constitutional fields to individuals and public administrations.

New Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)

It provides consultancy, advice and legal representation in procedures and litigation related to information society technologies, telecommunications, e-commerce and data protection.

Notarial and Registry

We provide consultancy, advice, and prepare public deeds with the respective procedures and registry studies.